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DWAM Company Closing Event
DWAM Company Closing Event
Presented by The DWAM Tester Group at the AVO Playhouse.
Not Affiliated with the City of Vista or Moonlight Stage Productions.

The AVO Playhouse Box Office opens 1 hour prior to show time.
Doors open 30 minutes before show time.

The AWESOMEST 80s Hair / Air Band descends on Vista for 1 HOUR ONLY!
Get your 80s on with the DWAM Tester Group!

How to method:
1.  Get your tickets!
2.  Dress in 80s fashion!
3.  Go to Vista Village early to check out the nearby shops & bars!
4.  Be at the AVO Playhouse at 7:30 pm!
5.  ROCK!!!

Any 80s fashion is acceptable.  Dress to Rock, have Fun and be Amazing!

Personal Basket